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Greg Brandt: classical guitar luthier
Roger Borys
(website coming soon!) archtop luthier
Taylor Guitars: flat top acoustics
D'Addario: strings for every instument


Bill Cunliffe: pianist, organist, composer
Jeff Hamilton: drummer, co-leader CHJO
John Clayton: bassist, composer, arranger, co-leader CHJO
Ohad Talmor: saxophonist, composer, arranger
Scott Colley: bassist, composer
David Leisner: classical guitarist, composer
Steve Cardenas: guitarist, composer
Gene Bertoncini: guitarist
Jack Wilkins: guitarist
Jon Herington: guitarist, singer, songwriter
Kate McGarry: vocalist
Tanja Solnik: vocalist, musicologist
Brad Dutz: percussionist, composer
Paul Viapiano: guitarist, food and book reviews


Luminous Landscape: photography tips and equipment reviews
Masters of Photography: a quick guide to some of the greats in the field


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